Credit limit to students

We should initiate a credit limit to students who is the youth and need money in there college life by that we would be able to accquire more customers


To expound on this very fine idea, we need a credit line up that doesn’t heavily depend on credit scores. There’s a sizeable portion of people out there who either don’t have one (students) or with bad choices that tanked their scores n are attempting recovering from it.

Unsure how we can pull it off, but I wouldn’t mind smaller credit products. Say 2K per month credit line for starters. If the customer pays on time and before the due date, he gets a 2X credit increase every five months or so.

Credit based on top of savings + FD is also pretty good. Bottom line, we need to bank for/with the masses, especially those who’ve never had it before.


I’m all in for the idea of having some credit available to all sections of the society. But, the process involved right now is super sketchy.

Especially, when you’re being issued a credit line without the credit score or a secured one based on FD.

The credit underwriting then involves shady access to your contacts and SMS. This, when we don’t yet have a data privacy law in place is of serious concern.

Hopefully, better BNPL regulations are implemented that safeguard all the parties involved.


Shady indeed, but those depend on the apps involved.

I use lazy pay n Ola money postpaid quite often. There have been a couple of instances wherein the pay check didn’t arrive in time n my payments were delayed. I was never harassed or inconvenienced by them for missing my due date.

But You raise a fair point. We need an easy, yet fair and transparent process that fuels the credit line. Hopefully we’ll get there soon enough.

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