Credit card for freelancers

The industry if shifting toward the remote working. For an instance, I am working as a freelancer for 2 years. I have tried to get a credit card but the ask me for company names and salary details. I want to know is there any way for How do A freelancer get a credit card with no salary slips

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Unfortunately, in my opinion, secured credit cards are the only option left for those without company details and salary slips .
You can try IDFC WOW card, Paisabazaar’s Step Up Card or OneCard.
Or else you need to wait for any pre-approved credit card offers from your bank. (not from any other apps)

In this case you need ITR and Good transaction relationship with some private bank.

ITR and Computation is enough to apply for any credit card in India.

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Govt Bank request for ITR, but private bank need salary slip, credit card statement, credit score, your residential location.