Confusing transactions message with amount

So this is 23.6 USD transaction but it is showing as INR…

“xxxx is the OTP for this purchase of INR 23.6 at xxxxx using your cobranded Debit Card issued by Federal Bank. Please don’t share this with anyone.

  • exclusively on Jupiter”

It’s so confusing…

The amount should be shown in the message after the conversation from USD to INR, in accordance with the bank rate.

If conversation is not real-time and a delayed settlement at least instead of showing INR it can be USD

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I agree. It should be USD. Especially when you are checking the message after sometime, you would forget that this is a Forex transaction.

Also seeing the message is this message from Federal Bank or from Jupiter? It says cobranded debit card. :thinking:

It’s looks like Jupiter is handling directly or indirectly. The sender is : AD-ONJPTR looks like Jupiter only

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Hey @CHETAN_KUMAR_RAWAT Thanks for highlighting this!
Can you route this through the support channels? The team will take it from there.

Sure, I’ll do it