(Completed) Lab test #11 - Fixed Deposits on Jupiter 💰

But Jupiter gives 7.25% p.a. interest rate and also you get interest , no penalty when you break FD between 7 - 15 days.

Hi @Narendra_Saini - just to be sure, although our product screens do cover this clearly :slight_smile:, if you withdraw within 15 days, there will be no penalty and you will get the interest rate applicable for 15 days, not 7.25%. If you keep it for the full period, you get 7.25% per year.

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I understand it, I forgot to mention p.a.

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@yagnesh01 Thanks for this input, we are getting FD added to NRV for PRO very soon.


While the feature is similar to FD sweep in that larger full scale banks offer, i believe FDs should be looked at as savings instrument v/s a liquidity instrument.

Hello @Jupiterlabs , :wave:

The lab test for FDs has come to an end.
The team had gone through all the feedback and thoughts shared by the lab testers here.

Together, we were able to find typos, access issues, what could be done better, and more!

FDs on Jupiter is stronger than ever :rocket:

We would like to reward the 5 best reviews that really helped with the testing.
The award for the best review/findings for Lab test #11 goes to…

  1. @yagnesh01 - Post
  2. @Omkar18 - Post
  3. @Abhishek_Ulayil - Post
  4. @Sreeharimkl - Post
  5. @Binoy - Post

Congratulations! Your review was chosen for being one of the best reviews for this lab test.

In return, we would love to give each of you 200 jewels as a gift for helping us out
It should be credited sometime this week. :gift:

Remember, for those who aren’t selected for best reviews, each of your suggestions did help the team find better solutions!

As for the next steps, we will be reaching out to the winners via DM for additional details.
Thank you all once again, see you in the next Lab test! :test_tube:

Note: This thread will be open for another 2 weeks. As we are still open to feedback and would want to make sure it’s good to go for all users.


Thank you Shawn!! I am glad I was able to add some value.

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Thank You jupiter… :heart:

Thank you! And, congratulations to all the winners. Y’all make this community interesting :hugs::partying_face:

200Jwels Recived :heart_eyes::money_mouth_face:


My review is coming a little late but here goes. I faced a bit of a wait time before I could create the FD, it just displayed that verification was pending. I’m sure this was brought up and fixed as well. It was a smooth process otherwise🙌

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Can you please confirm on this ?


hey @hemanthchandra62! Yes, this is happening.


I just checked in the app. In the NRV calculation screen, it is mentioned as money in Pots will be considered. But, not mentioned about money in FD. Can you please get it updated there as well if FD amounts will be considered in NRV calculation ?

Yes including FD also

Hey @hemathchandra62. This will start reflecting in the NRV Calculation screen and PRO Tab FAQs in the next app upate. Fixed Deposit is included in your NRV calculation.


@Shawnpinto I wish there is an option to name FD like we are naming Pots :expressionless:


Not possible maybe :thinking: FD name created by default federal bank system . I think