Community Comments Embedder doesn't work on Salary calculator

I have been exploring the Jupiter website and found that Community Comments Embedder doesn’t work. It shows error embedding. Please check it out.

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Hey @Mr.Minnu can you share a screen for this error?


Yes, Once again :blob_thanks: for noticing

Would like to add another ‘bug’ (Donno whether anyone have raised this before)

If you go to and place the cursor on the ‘Products’ Tab or section, this is the result you may get

But, it should be like this (the latest one)

@razack I have already noticed this but neglected it because I thought blogs were only updated once in a while and thought this would get updated soon. So I didn’t raise any issue on it.

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And also the same salary calculator page(Everywhere in the calculators’ pages may be), Download Jupiter, is expected to open a deeplink (AppsFlyer link). But It has some link like this Where it redirects to the homepage. @razack @Shawnpinto

Got it. I’ll ask the team to look into this.
Thanks for raising it @Mr.Minnu @razack :blob_thanks: