Card design you wish for!

The OLA Money card has a sleek design. Something along those lines. Also you could have a QR code on the back incase someone wants to transfer money to your acc without adding you (like BHIM / GPAY codes).

Maybe 3-4 options in a gradient or solid colour scheme(like Revolut). And special (limited) edition one can be made of metal (to reward initial users).


Very interesting! I’ve been a huge fan of Dbrand, albeit never used any of their skins even on phones.
What they have done with the apple card is sick! :partying_face:


Ola money design looks good but the what you get in your hand is far from the design, from its feel to its looks, it is screams low quality.


What I expect from a Jupiter card.

  • Flashy and screams of pedigree. People have Amex and Diners. I have always loved Amex Black and Diners. Keep it minimal and elegant!

  • Utility & acceptance. Not sure if people want these cards to be accepted like a VISA or Mastercard (we all have those). As long as they are accepted in key merchants, that should suffice (for me atleast)

  • Service & Benefits. We all need to be pampered! The reason Amex exists is its amazing service & decent benefits catalog.


Can you send across a picture of the Ola card if you’ve been using it?
Or if anyone else has it here?

@gm88 I really like all the diners club cards in India, they look great!

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  1. Something like this in different colours would attract a lot of attention. There are many other designs to consider and create. People could have the option of selecting colour, design and body material of the card.

  2. Also, why not put out another option of just customizing it by ourselves? We could upload pictures in the app and they’d be printed on the card. That would be huge for social media exposure. Imagine a family photo “drive safe” card or someone printing “I’ll not buy smokes” on theirs. They’d be like tattoos. With the right marketing digital artists would go nuts on it.

The card would be an expression of self and “Mood”. Which means sooner or later people will want a different one and they’ll order again!


Explore different materials for the card, ceramic, graphite, sandblasted aluminium, etc., with a soft matte finish that makes it not only to stand out but both great to hold, both for the customer and someone who’s gonna swipe it.

Goes without saying give options to users to select from a bunch of predefined colours, let us make it more of a style statement than just another payment instrument

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@Aniruddha from a design perspective the ola card is sleek and minimal.
Depends on individual tastes; Revolut has a sleek/ minimal design but the N26 is quirky! It’s a semi transparent card so you can see the internals (chip and contactless circuit).
And both are good quality.

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Won’t those bring durability and use issues in play? Are there any cards or similar products out there for reference?

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Definitely, ceramic might be a bit fragile, if its falls, that’s why mentioned ‘explore materials’… people are doing metal cards, but there are ‘n’ options of the metal, it can be steel, aluminium, copper, brass, graphene, or some kind of alloy as well and their combinations with carbon fibre, cutting and etching can create some crazy designs. Each with a possibly different texture, weight, and overall feel.

Some Examples:

Slightly more ambitious

A lot has been explored in the space of business/membership cards. In banking’s context, we just need a space for a chip, nfc and magstrip. All these can be easily accomodated

Adding to that, its final form and design might be controlled by the partner bank, and existing card manufacturers as well, which is a bigger challenge than designing the card and bearing the it’s cost

So, why hold back when we’re imagining :slight_smile:

Even more ambitous?

Why not get all your cards under a single card like


Images are here

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Hi @dhanvi !

Have seen them on the website, was looking forward to life-like pictures if someone has been using them.
As @Aniruddha mentioned that it feels and screams low quality in person.

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Here is mine, the design is awesome many people did have a second look at the card when seen for the first time.

Like @Aniruddha said the card feels light and plastic.

May be similar design and better build quality might do the trick for Jupiter.

I would love to have nothing except my name on the front of the card, not even the visa symbol in the front. (not sure if it’s possible)

I might just be nitpicking.

PS: I don’t mind keeping a not so good looking card in my wallet if it has good benefits :slight_smile:


Great build quality and simle solid colours! +1 to that

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Allow users to choose from a list of card styles

  1. You can have a standard version of the card with 4 or 5 colours for me to choose from.

  2. You can also have a custom card section where I can make my own. (I wouldn’t mind paying extra for this as it’s ‘my’ statement)


OTP less transaction through in app approval to make a payment, for online transactions
1)this will be helpful if my sim has no coverage 2)easy to use
3) confusions with otps


I have one card which is colourful and looks good and this card which I love most.

I could like to share the image :slight_smile: but they have closed their services but still I’m using it.


Would love to see these designs

Design Inspiration -

Point Card. Made to spend.

Crypto & Fiat Multi-Currency Wirex Card | Wirex (

Petal - Responsible credit for the modern world. (


@Aman_Maurya This is an interesting one. I wonder if this will pattern will create problems while scanning :thinking:

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