Can we have Member only invite for Jupiter?

Dear @Jiten

Can we have member only invite implemented ?

Like ,a Jupiter account holder will be getting privilege to refer his 10 friends only !

Then those 10 members if joined can now refer 100 members .

Growth :grimacing:+ Hype :nerd_face:


Co-incidentally, we are debating this internally and close all open market sign ups from tmw


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Sounds interesting :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just did a deposit transaction of ₹3000 via upi, Money debited from my other account but still showing as in processing & not deposited in jupiter, Bank Ref ID is 118522887504 Jupiter Trans Id is 062460232010921

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Same here , some technical glitch on their side

I invite someone and I get a reward before he does full kyc or he only has to do it through first card payment?