Bug report

Found these minor bugs @Shawnpinto. Take a look.

The “Got it” button here is being cut off the screen.

The “Earn upto 7.30% assured returns with FDs” text is running off the screen.

  1. The initial swipe in the Gold tab as well as the Mutual funds tab are working weirdly. It would require me to upload videos to demonstrate it but I cannot do that here so can you take a look yourself? The experience is jarring to say the least.

Edit: Another I’d like to add is: The notification saying “Your pro status is about to expire” does not have a button to dismiss it. Even though there was one before.

@axa it is recommended you report these via the support channels to ensure a ticket is assigned to your issues and tracked to closure

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Thanks for bringing this to our notice @axa :blob_thanks:
We’ll have a look.

Is anyone else facing this?

I can see another message “You’re losing out on 2.5X Returns” but the same is within the screen/box limit.
Since there were no KYC issue, I didn’t get that error screen :v:t2:

Thanks for raising this. We will get these fixed.