Break the Ice, Introduce Yourself

Welcome to the Community! @Zahid.Ganaie :grin: :cool_doge:

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hey folks,
Im Sunjayvarshan G C, 24 y/o from Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu
Im a mbbs intern, Im more into Gaming , Photography, Memes and Saving lives :innocent:. This community seems really good and healthy. Im new to finance, banking , Credit cards and stuffs. Im Hoping to make jupiter as my primary bank. Im a newbie to jupiter btw (2months). Nice to meet y’all :heart:. (Psst… Hey Jupiter pls gimme the New edge rupay credit card)


@rujiq Hai Doc, Welcome to the Community :v:t2:
Thank you for your kind words.
This community is an ideal space for discussing various finance-related topics such as banking, fintech, newly launched cards, and more. :star_struck:

Loved this :laughing:
Yes, everyone is really excited for the Edge Rupay CC to go live :cool_doge:


Welcome to the Community!! @rujiq :party_parrot: :hyper_wave:

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Thank you so much @Shawnpinto @razack

Hi Board,

I am Vishwas from namma bengaluru. I was one of the early community members [initially referred to as co-creators] at Jupiter.

Buffet of expertise in my professional domain, where I dabbled in travel tech, fintech, lending tech, f&b, logistics tech, and venture capital. Currently looking at the business side of things in a travel tech startup where we are building GDS for travel ancillaries on one side of the spectrum and, on the other side, enabling neobanks, super apps, and fintechs to launch travel services with a GTM of 45 days.

I am quite experienced in the personal finance space, where I manage my own portfolio as well as portfolios for a couple of my friends. Though I do not actively use Jupiter, I admire the fantastic product that they have created.


Hai @kingzeusvj
Jupiter’s current end product, the one we use and appreciate today, would have been impossible to develop without your invaluable contributions as co-creators. (I joined here in 2021, when the product was ready)
As a customer, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude. :blob_thanks:
Thank you very much! :cool_doge:
Also, best wishes and success for your present mission. :rocket:


Hey Everyone , year or two ago , i also wanted to create a neo bank , that stuck a block , but me using Jupiter has been a good experience overall , Great to be here .


@Suksham Thanks for sharing. :smiley:

All the best for your future endeavours. :+1:

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Welcome to the Community! @Suksham :party_parrot: