Bank Account For Minors On Jupiter (Repost)

Jupiter’s app is so easy to use that even 10 year olds can operate the app. I believe Jupiter’s banking technology should reach every corner, even to 10 year olds! That is why I am suggesting that Jupiter should give the option to minors to open an account online by themselves because the process is so damn easy. Even children deserve the benefits of the Jupiter Neo-bank account. No minimum balance, can freeze card, seamless money saving etc. The current banking technology in India for minors isn’t too great. Most of them have minimum balance requirements, or requirement of signature which obviously some children can not maintain. The process of opening a minor bank account is so hectic because you have to go to a damn bank-branch.
With Jupiter, children can learn to save smarter, learn how to open and operate a bank account etc. It is the best app of all time for banking. They can make kids’ lives easier as well. So what do you think?

Although the concept seems promising and interesting, I have doubts about its feasibility, particularly profitability. Currently, there are numerous neo-banks tailored specifically to children’s needs, such as Fampay, Akudo, and FYP Money.
I previously opened an account for my sister with Muvin, but unfortunately, they recently shut down their operations. Therefore, the question is all about survival.

Just saying.

The UPI guidelines and implementation for joint ownership and minor account are all over the place.

I agree that the UI/UX is better than most out there. Only if they could stop pushing those loans and the banking team actually listened to the customers. No point in using a good app if the customer service is non-existent or terrible.

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Why will Jupiter, Fi (Fed Bank] or any other comm bank shut down? They are there for the long term

Such things comes at a later stage of businesses. First priority should be to compete and sustain. Jupiter already earning less than it spends so I think such new products will take much longer time to come live.

Wallet upi without bank account better option for minors or even adults for small p2p or p2m daily payments