Any idea on how credit scores work across international borders?

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I was wondering if there is an organisation that tracks credit scores across international borders. For example, if someone with an excellent credit score in India relocates to a new country, will they be able to leverage their good behaviour in India to get attractive loan offers in the new country?

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Doesn’t credit score bureaus like Experian and others are global itself. Shouldn’t they be providing this already ?

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@sss Omg do you mean that my credit score will follow me overseas?
What if I want to start afresh?
PS: I’m trying to focus on the negative side!

Leaving your credit score back in the country may sound appealing if you want to escape your debts by moving abroad. It’s not that simple. Often, when applying for a visa in another country, your debt will be examined. If it appears you’re trying to avoid paying off debt, your application will likely be denied.

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I think there is no organization offering loans when you relocate to USA leveraging your credit score built in India.

However, if you recently relocated to USA as a student or professional, in order to get a credit card in US, there is a website Novacredit which will use your credit score in India.

I guess this is quite helpful without having to deal with secured credit cards.

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