Android vs iOS - Who's side are you on?

Hello friends,

The time has come. The 2 platforms have been in an all out war for a very long time!
We would like to know what the Community would choose.

:android: :crossed_swords: :ios:

Your choices:
  • Android :android:
  • iOS :ios:

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Both iOS and Android have their pros and cons, but only 1 can claim the crown :crown:
Selection can be based on extra customization, more security layers, affordability, unique specs, build quality, etc.

Which one do you prefer? Android or iPhone? Do let us know your thoughts through the comment section below :point_down:

Have a great week ahead!

ANDROID always.

  • Customization
  • Display
  • Charging speed
  • Download restrictions
  • App pricing
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iOS is better than android because it makes life much easier if you are in an Apple ecosystem.

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This is so true.
Nowadays Android brands are making their own ecosystem. There’s so much to collect and we can’t mix and match from different brands, it would feel off :pensive:

Samsung, OnePlus, Google.
I’m trying to make a Nothing Ecosystem.


Carl Pei is doing amazing work at nothing. It seems it will also become a legacy brand like apple.


That’s correct. But still I prefer Samsung flagship over iPhone. I will switch to iPhone when below issues fixed

  • Charging speed
  • iPhone pricing (Comparing to US and India. I know about tax part. Still they are over priced). They are horrible in profit margin.
  • Screen without notch

youtube vanced ( revanced ) one of the biggest reason of using android for me .

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Well my reason is very simple, there was no android phone as small and compact as iPhone mini and hence I had no choice.

The Mini series will not continue I think. The 13 mini series will be the last of its kind.
It’s so nice to have a compact tiny phone :grimacing:

For me, the restrictive nature of the IOS platform is a deal breaker. Hence, for me, Android will always remain my first preference.


For me selecting phone is just based on my use cases and I want to pay only for the things I use.

:zap: Can download apps from third party stores and can install via apk file
:zap:Split screen and popup window support (Is pip window supported by iPhone now?)
:zap: I don’t have a Mac, I felt transferring files from my laptop is easier via android than iphone
:zap:Lot of inbuilt customisation available and lots of apps in playstore to do more customisation (I use smart launcher as a custom launcher for example )


Are you being sarcastic?

Locking down someone’s freedom doesn’t really make life easier, they(apple) just tricks you into thinking it does. Some people are totally blind to this. But at least some countries are recognizing the problem and trying to give us our freedom back

  • *wide variety of apps, application tools.
  • *Wide range of price (affordable- Ultra flagship).
  • *Ecosystem with windows (fan of windows)
  • *Less restrictions.
  • *Highly customisable (different skins, themes, widgets, material you)
  • *Third party installations (youtube revanced and other modded apks)
  • *Large geeky tech community base
  • *Google ecosystem with windows chrome. (Such as select text in phone and copy in pc, select Mobile number in pc and call via phone, share links and anything with 1 click)

But if you are a rich kid and can afford apple ecosystem with mac, iphone, apple watch, ipad then you just don’t care about Android or anything. Lol thats true


+1 to this. There’s so much customization available for Android, it’s crazy.
You can install launchers, edit layouts, themes, icon from Gallery, custom roms, etc.

For example, have a look at this custom UI home screen

But there are folks who do not need so much customization. It’s just for the geeks.

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Then there are launchers that can mimick the launcher of iphones :grin:

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I’ve seen those! It’s almost the same :blob_sweat:

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I’m a student :relaxed: belonging from middle class Village family of West Bengal … For us Android is budget friendly… I have any experience with iOS, but i love technology too much… From age of 8th or ninth ( class 4 ) , i use internet and internet enabled mobile :joy: java os , Nokia os , sumsung os , blueberry os , windows os on mobile phone … For me Android is best ( haven’t another option in lower budget)


Java games were nostalgic :two_hearts:




Samsung Galaxy is the best ecosystem for Android,

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