Android vs iOS - Who's side are you on?

Another reason for picking Android over iOS -
Customization :hammer_and_wrench:

(Yes, it’s mine) :blush:


The icon pack is dope

At present. Will replace it every couple of days🤪


Your date/month widget is super cool :star_struck:


Damn ! :star_struck:

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Is this Nothing Phone? What’s that clock widget? :eyes:

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Wow, which one is this?

What you are referring?

The wallpaper/theme

Yup! Its a Nothing phone @Binoy
The clock widget is default, clear background.

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Its not a theme

If you want nothing widgets. Check out Something KWGT app

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For me personally I’m using apple products from my childhood so I and a good experience in Android i think I’f you wanted flexibility in your hand then go ahead towards Android but if you need more secure and connected ecosystem platform then go ahead towards iPhone

I have a childhood memory when I father first gave us the ipad mini 2 he had download alot of app in it but and have removed the Apple I’d so and my father is strict so we when he was sleeping i very secretly put his Apple I’d in ipad cause I know her phone password so after using few i got know about lost my device feature so we always track our father through it and whenever we he was coming home we stop watching TV and try to sleep or started acting that we are studying what your favourite childhood experience share with us

Android 14 :android: and iOS 16 (17* thanks @yagnesh01 ):ios: to be out soon.
Can’t wait!

You mean IOS 17, correct?

17! oopsie.

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Having recently moved to an IOS device, I am looking forward to the IOS 17 release.