Amazon Voucher Of ₹500 for Pro by saving in SuperPot

There is a new offer in the corner.

T&c is bite, confusing me.

Any one tell me is this applicable for existing PRO customer

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Can anyone please confirm if the campaign is still going on or not…thanks in advance.

Yes it’s still going on and expires on 12th Dec


I can’t understand their t and c :unamused: i always maintained 10k and I’m a pro member , i already earned 250 Jewell this month.

What can i do now to get 500 Amazon voucher?

1 . Create and maintain superpot 10k upto 6th January.

  1. 10 k maintain in Jupiter account and earned 250 jewell upto 6th January

Or both
Please clarify this.

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Hi @sani @Satyajit_Singh !

This is a promotional campaign targeted to select PRO and Savings users who are eligible for this offer as per internal policy.

If you are already a PRO member in this month, completing the tasks in this offer could help you to remain PRO next month as well by maintaining an NRV (Net Relationship Value) of 10,000 or more. NRV includes balance in your main account, pots and super pots!

You can find the offer details and T&C in the Rewards section in the app. If you have further questions, feel free to reach out to Help in the app.

Keep using Jupiter and PRO! :jupiter: :rocket:


As i already have a Pro User, can i eligible for the Amazon voucher for saving in super pots.

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But previous month your customer care team told to me that only your normal pot is included and Super pot is not included in calculation of monthly average balance ?

Is your T&C updated in this month ?

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We have recently updated the definition of NRV. Going forward, super pots are also included in the NRV (in addition to main account and pots). You can find all details related to NRV on PRO tab in the app.


Thank you

Are we getting jewels on selected merchants only via upi and debit card or both the ways are rewarding with jewels. For eg. If i spend with debit card then also its giving us jewels or selective merchants like myntra swiggy zomato transactions are only merchants transaction which are eligible one. Please solve this one

These transactions do not qualify, and will therefore not be eligible for Rewards:

Credit Card, loan, or BNPL repayments,

online gaming, betting, gambling, or lottery transactions,

money transferred to financial or political institutions,

payments made at courts or for legal matters,

money transferred to digital wallets, and

transactions made at Restricted merchants (which don’t strictly qualify as “purchases of genuine goods and services”)

all international transactions

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How to you complete debit card 150 task

Does anyone recieved this amazon reward by maintaining Superpot till now?

Hey @nirrvann we shall be announcing the winners tomorrow, stay tuned!

Did anyone get Amazon gv ?

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No voucher received…seems fake :joy:

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@somyasinha when & where you’ll be posting the winners list ?

Hello, please look out for an email from us today to know if you have won the voucher. Thanks!