Amazon pay balance to Jupiter Transfer?

Hi Jupiter Community,

I Have Doubt to Clarify, I transfer Google play credit to amazon pay balance its locked when i didn’t have bank id to transfer at that time.

But no i have jupiter bank id and numbers so i want to transfer that amazon pay balance in my wallet to jupiter wallet.

But unfortunately it not transferring option are showing on amazon. I didn’t have another bank account. So tell me how can i transfer that money to jupiter.?

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Make sure the money is Amazon pay wallet and not in the form for gift card balance…after that you have to activate your Amazon pay balance , you will see options of send money in the bottom.when you will click it .it will verify your mobile number…make sure it is linked with Jupiter and it will connect with Jupiter if it doesn’t…select fedral bank…once this process is complete try sending your money to any UPI id… …
Note- it your Amazon account is a full kyc account then only you can transfer to your bank account directly…orthervise you need merchant qr codes…like bharat pe .

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How did you transferred Google Play credits to Amazon pay balance ? @EARider23

Reply is too late but this is for people with same query elaborated answer.

  1. Recharge paytm fastag. If you have already done full KYC of paytm wallet then just transfer money from paytm wallet to Bank free of cost.

  2. Use Amazon pay balance for recharges, bill payments, shopping for friends and relatives as well in exchange of cash or online money.

  3. If money in your Amazon wallet is not cashback or added by gift card, instead added by you via UPI, Debit Card then you just do full KYC of you amazon account and transfer easily with no worries (using send money option selecting amazon pay balance)


No, bro i don’t have Fasttag. Is there any alternative?

3rd party apps are get service fee 2% for their every transfer from reward to cash. ( I don’t want to do this method )

Other thing, I didn’t have Amazon Pay balance in Cash. I have Amount as a Giftcard, credit. I am not able to sent that gift amount to my bank after done full kyc.

Fastag method is working? Did you tried that!?

Read and understand the above reply properly. :slight_smile:

I don’t think so #1 work these days. It used to work long back, not anymore!?

I read it bro. But i have same issue can’t able to solve. That why i clarify in detailed version. :sweat_smile:

You can only use that on products sold on Amazon or service which use Amazon pay balance like recharge or bill payment or on something like Domino’s.

Amazon pay doesn’t support Paytm Fastag.

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Amazon pay balance means

1 @ Amazon pay balance which was linked to @amazonpay upi wallet.


2 @ Amazon gift voucher or cashback balance ?

Bro if your amount is showing in gift or cashback wallet, it’s not directly transferable to your bank account, but you can use it for recharge, credit card bill payment , etc.

Use it for shopping via Amazon.

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