Adding a Nominee to Your Account: A Quick Guide 📑

I’ve seen many users are wondered how to add a nominee to your Jupiter (Federal) account

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to help you get started:

  1. Log in to your NetBanking.

  2. Navigate to the “Account” option and click on “Services.”

  3. From the Services menu, select “Online Nominee Registration.”

  4. Choose your account and proceed.

  5. Fill the nominee details.

  6. Save your changes and enter your password to finalize the process.

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I don’t know if it’s a glitch but once adding an nominee using this method, when downloading account statement, it still says “Nominee not registered.”

@Saurabh.s, I appreciate your thorough and clear step-by-step explanation. No doubt, it will be beneficial to many individuals. :clap:t2: :clap:t2:
If possible, please find the option to modify the nominee as well (I’m unsure if this feature is available), as I’ve noticed some queries about it in our community. :+1:t2:

@AXA, it’s possible that it will take some time for the changes to be reflected. I suggest you to try again after a few days.

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Well, I had added my nominee using this method a while ago. Still no changes though.

Can you see the nominee details on the app or website?
Or the issue is only with the downloaded statements?

I am pretty sure there isn’t an option to see your nominee in the Jupiter app, right? And when I am checking the nominee in fednet, it is visible there.

There is an option to check nominee details on the Jupiter app @axa

Click on the top left menu (Hamburger icon)
You can see 'View all details’ under your name (Your profile) - Just below the Self QR option
Click on it and go to ‘Nominee Details:+1:t2:

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Oh I didn’t know that! Thanks for letting me know. And no, there is no mention of anything regarding a nominee.

Ok…Can you find any option there to add Nominee details then?
If not, suggest you create a support ticket by mentioning this issue via mail to
Hope this get solved soon :v:t2:

Nope. Jupiter itself does not allow you to add nominee after account creation. As I have said before: i added the nominee through fednet and it’s being reflected there. And yes, I will create a ticket regarding this soon. Thanks!

The statement downloaded from the Federal Bank portal displays the nomination registration status, but somehow this information is not visible when downloaded same through the Jupiter app.

I am glad to know i am not the only one facing this issue. We should report it to jupiter, could be a bug.

@saurabh.s @axa
I can see my nomination is registered under both statements
Statement downloaded from Fednet

Statement downloaded from Jupiter app

I too thought it was some bug for everyone after seeing Saurabh’s post.

Did you register your opinion through fednet? Or did you do it while creating the jupiter account?

While creating the Jupiter account…
Ok, now Got it, So that might be the underlying reason for this issue :+1:t2:

I think the mismatch is happening if the nominee is registered through FedNet.

People who registered during account opening through Jupiter don’t have this issue. I can also see my nominee in Jupiter app and I registered at the time of opening the Jupiter account through the Jupiter app.

@shawnpinto can you please give a heads-up to the Jupiter Team involved in this.

What! You guys have nominee option in the app :blob_worried:
I don’t see such option in my app

@saurabh.s There is no option to add a nominee on the app.
You can only see the details of the nominee (entered while opening an account)

Yap. It seems like the statement details aren’t being updated since the initial KYC.

Also, it seems like the parmanent address section in my Jupiter app got updated after me changing my address in my aadhar. But the old address is still being shown in the account statement. Makes you wonder, really.


This did help me update nominee details using fednet. Thanks.

As I was already a fed account holder thought of getting that account registered for net banking as well, to my surprise when I tried creating for my old account it said it was already registered and shared the user ID registered for Jupiter fed account,
well here it should consider both as different accounts or should have an option to add both accounts under one net banking user ( which i am not sure but might be difficult as having 2 savings accounts in the same bank are not allowed)

here I guess fed and Jupiter need unquie identification with account number + mobile.