Ability to choose my own Pay-Day

If I open my salary account in Jupiter, I’d like to have a feature of choosing my own payday: To get paid for the work I’ve already completed independent of my payroll schedule.
For eg: Its 12th today so I’d like to collect salary of the past 11 days today (assuming I last took my salary on the 31st of the previous month)

On the company side, there’s no need to run an off-cycle payroll or calculate taxes as Jupiter can advance the pay using their own funds!


Hey Neil, a very interesting proposition.

I think many fintech players do salary advance as a loan currently (EarlySalary FinancialWellness) - would be curious to know how do their employer partnerships work, if you have a clue!

And many employers also provide a salary advance ‘without considering it as a loan’

But thinking of this as a feature with your banker is definitely interesting!