You can now turn your jewels into gold!

Update your app to the latest version and turn your jewels into gold.

You can find this in the money tab. If you’re trying to redeem your jewels into cash, there’s a toggle to select gold.

Drag your jewels down and viola, your very own gold pot is created.

You can buy/sell the gold as well :slight_smile:
Check out the FAQ’s in the app for more info.


@Shawnpinto I don’t think so its available for iOS yet. Can you confirm?

That’s great… I’ll try this out.

Extras to gold which could grow. Nice idea!

But @Shawnpinto is there any maintenance fees for the gold stored in the Gold Pot?

@alexnazy There’s no maintenance fees!

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@jigarmistry24 It’s available on iOS, are you using the latest version?

Which is latest version? I am using 1.4.48… no update after that @Shawnpinto

@jigarmistry24 Ah yes, you’re right. The digital gold feature will be out on 1.5.0, you will see this update soon.

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