Why no lounge access?

I just was curious why jupiter dosent offer lounge access for their debit cards as it’s already a visa signature card and visa offers lounge access for all their signature debit cards. Is it something jupiter is not taking leverage of from visa?
Visa India Tnc website:


Doesn’t work out commercially. We might make it available for people who keep high balances in account


Interesting thought. @sbothra2000 - if we offered you a choice between more rewards / cashback versus lounge access, what is more useful to you?



1% reward with TnC? :smirk::smirk:


Can we choose between rewards or lounge access .
I applied for this account assuming it has free lounge since its a visa signature.

Also in below thread one of the team members confirmed that all visa signature benefits are applicable .

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I think the perfect combo would be to offer lounge access(even if it is 1 per quarter) and discounts on ecommerce websites. Lounge access can be set only for the people with average balance of 10k or something like that.
Today, most of the people check if the card has lounge access or not and based on that they make a decision on opening the account. And one of the success behind HDFC is that you can see year round discount on thier cards on all the top websites. When I first opened my salary account, most of the people were just opening hdfc account as it offered these great offers year round on amazon/flipkart

I’d love more tailored rewards. Person A may be a foodie, while Person B may be more into shopping. It’d make sense to club people together for rewards and cash backs, but it’d be awesome if MY BANK can curate the coupons and value adds tailored to my transactions and where it’d think I’d spend my money at.

Not a wild guess, but better come pretty close!

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Niyo Global Card has lounge Access and now their card is aslo lifetime free.


At the moment only salary account can be ‘pro’. that isn’t good. there should be some other options to get pro accounts, may higher balances or having FDs with certain amount. Moving salary account to Jupiter is not possible for many people due to certain reasons.