Which credit card is the best?

I wish I could spoil :blob_sweat:
@Devansh_Bartwal But yes, we are!

My favorite credit card - Amazon’s ICICI credit card :party_parrot:


I ordered my one credit card today. Tbh after using the Jupiter app, the app interface of one card seems to be very poor.


No offence but slightly disagree. OneCard UI with minimalist black and white is more favorable. Btw first time credit card user?


OneCard app is the best credit card app in my opinion. Their metal card is also great. But I mostly use Amazon ICICI credit card😁


Yes first-time user, bro I have a question. I did an F.D. of 10k rupees and my credit limit is also 10k. So what’s the use of a credit card then?


What is the sense of credit card if we get secured (against collateral such as FD) Credit cards. (With same credit limit)

  1. As you know when unknown consumer (First time credit user with n0 past credit history) are not so credit worthy in the eyes of some entities, NBFCs and banks, so to assure them for our credit worthiness for credit card we have to put some collateral.
    So we can build a good credit score.

  2. We have to invest our money to save it in banking instruments such as FD and others. But the problem here is this that we have to lock our money. This investment is not liquid investment. What if we need some partial part of FD for few days but we cannot break our FD and not want to bear 1% withdrawal charges and penalties. Secured FD credit cards plays a crucial role here and makes liquidity of our locked investment.

  3. Cashback and refferal: Credit cards gives many offers and rewards like 1% on spending, welcome offers, 10% on bill, recharge payments upto Rs50-100.
    Free airport lounge access-Rupay platinum
    Accidental Insurance-Rupay Platinum
    And many more shopping offer

Not only this we also get cashback on paying bill such as on cred on paying bill more than Rs 1000 (If you think given information is credit worthy then here is myrefferal link- i will get cashback :grin:)

Some more references to understand cc-

  1. Are you also waiting for? - #7 by 0Abhi0

  2. PNB Secured credit card - #3 by 0Abhi0


My favorite :heart_eyes: card is
Axis Ace credit card :credit_card:

  • Flipkart axis credit card combo :ok_hand:

Thanks for the information. I will surely make my account on cred using your referral link.


I am using 3 credit cards in total
Amex gold for high cashback on groceries and dining
and for my daily usage I use hdfc infinia

and 3rd one is my oldest one back in 2014 ig just that I could keep my credit history its a kotak bank one i dont remember the name


Use 30% of your credit not more than that cause it’s started hurting your credit history

For example if your limit is 10k then you should use 3k not more than that


Amazon pay icici , icici platinum :new_moon_with_face: bcz it’s lifetime free. Also gives cashback …

FD against PNB rupay … also best… Free of cost…
7.25 % return for 666 days… U can also linked with UPI app … Which gives u 100 rs cashback per month, and also gives u rewards points 1 per 100 transaction… ( 1rp =0.50 INR)


The best card is axis bank ace credit card.

It gives UNLIMITED Cashback of 5% on any and every transaction from google pay (obviously upi scanned payments excluded), and also 2% cashback on every other transaction.

So far, have not found any other card better than this! Please help me change my mind!!!


Exactlly, I am tired to say that,If I have that money,why will I have the need of crwdit card,actually this idea is very abondoned now…and newd ro be dustbinned…


First of all, CC against FD help you to bulid a credit score. Also it doesn’t need any income proof to get a secured CC, making it an accessible option for many.

Secondly, you can continue to earn interest on your FDs while also enjoying the convenience of a credit card. Additionally you get an Interest-free period to repay your dues.

Moreover CC offers multiple rewards program such as cashback, reward points, which can provide additional value for your spending. By using a secured credit card responsibly, you can get all these benefits while also building a strong credit history.


I guess Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card is the best! Guys just check out the offers in it.


@AdilAhmed Maybe this might interest you :grin:

For me,

Airtel Axis - Utility
SBI cashback- shopping

Thats enough.

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Yeha but I don’t understand what might interest me :adult:t2:

I’ve Axis Ace… for bill payments
And offline


Will we get 10% cashback for mobile recharges other than airtel in airtel axis cc?

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