What's your favourite series? 📺

In last 4 years I watched almost every kdrama.

@niranjan_kumar You will be our goto guy for K-drama recommendation then :party_parrot:

Dead to me. Finished watching season 1 and it’s really good.

Edit: Can’t go wrong with Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Re watched it multiple multiple times.

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My Fav Crime Show :

All Time Fav show and waiting for Season 2! I was very very excited when I saw a Season 1 Trailer!

Excited to see Shark Peyush :heart_eyes:

I can’t wait for The Recruit.

The original was a fun watch.

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I am a TV series buff.
More fan of sitcoms.
Here are my reccos :

  1. The Big Bang Theory
  2. Friends
  3. Two and Half Men
  4. The Last Ship
  5. Suits
  6. The DaVinci’s Demons
  7. Prison Break

The big 3! The best and probably will be the OG kings for eternity :relieved::raised_hands:t3:

@nateavi At first I thought that was Morgan Freeman :thinking:

Looks amazing, adding to the list :page_with_curl:

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Universal: we need a movie.

Creatives: What about the Dark Universe? Thought we were leaning into it.

Universal: Tom Cruise screwed that up. We need something fresh.

Creatives: ermmm… how about a bear?

Universal: Yogi exists. And nobody cares.

Creatives: Ah… but what about a bear…… on cocaine?

Universal: :flushed::money_mouth_face:

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Universal is wild! :cool_cat:

Mentalist… This is good and underrated.


Patrick Jane is the Sherlock Holmes we never got. Mentalist is truly underrated.


Yeah. I am watching it the second time now and still a lot of details to catch. Rewatch worthy, Patrick Jane, and so many reeasons to treasure this.

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Transformers getting another movie? :robot:

Guardians of the galaxy vol 3 too! :shield:

Anybody watched Wednesday?

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Not yet, but my social feed is filled with their banners! It’s so hyped :sweat_smile:
Definitely on my list.

Somebody saw Fall 2022 ? I have not seen yet.


Haven’t seen Fall 2022 yet, but I do miss this classic. Ima rewatch it today……

When you’ve been asking Jupiter for dark mode, but the product team’s like “meh”:

When you are trying to do a payment, but federal bank’s like “meh, maintenance going on… good luck!”

Okay, Wednesday is really good
It’s hilarious :laughing:

Genre - Thriller/Comedy - Probably the 2 polar opposites but its put in a good way!

There’s like 8 episodes for S1, must watch.

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I saw Charlie and the chocolate factory was a awesome story yaar! MrBeast too copied it😂