Netflix not so chill?

Netflix is gong through a rough patch as of this week. They lost a lot of users, and are chalking it up to password sharing to be a major component in their dwindling revenue.

Now there are layoffs incoming.

Do you think Netflix can make a comeback? Solutions in the horizon?

Or do we unfurl the black flag and sail the high seas riddled with sharks n krakens?


They lost 200k subscribers in Q1 2022! (I unsubscribed too :eyes:)
I heard they’re restructuring the whole plan and idea.

Also, check this - Internal conflict and dwindling subscribers haunt Netflix | Entertainment News,The Indian Express


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200,000 is a lot of users!

They lost Punisher and Daredevil to Disney+. They killed good shows right after season 1 or 2. The sole shows I’m remotely interested in Netflix is Ozark and Cobra Kai. Oh n Rick n Morty ofc!!

Why subscribe if there’s nothing worthwhile to watch?

And what’s with all these streaming services? Id might as well go back to paying for cable. Used to be ₹300 a month I think.


Pirated streaming websites :