(Poll) Jio Cinema v/s Disney Hotstar - which one do you pick?

With the recent coupe that Jio Cinema pulled off on Disney Hotstar, Jio Cinema seems to be poised to offer a better content stream. And with Jio Cinema bagging the digital streaming rights for India v/s West Indies series, does it now make sense to sign up for another subscription?

  • Yes, I’ll sign up for Jio Cinema premium
  • No, I will stay with Disney Hotstar
  • Neither of them, DTH is the KING!!

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You can also post your thoughts on the pricing, streaming experience, etc.

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I stayed with disney+ hotstar for marvel content.

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I am divided. Some of the HBO content that moved to Jio Cinema is really good.

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Ditto. Marvel ftw :sunglasses:

Once I used to watch many movies but now I can’t watch anymore due to the pressure of my studies and my private tution.
Whether I see it or not, I have a subscription of Disney plus Hotstar with my brother (it’s a 50-50 price deal) but we are not gonna renew it, neither going with jiocinema plus for now

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I have a Hotstar premium subscription that is valid until November 2023. Like many others here, I began following JioCinema during the FIFA World Cup out of curiosity about how a cinema platform would broadcast live matches. Unfortunately, it didn’t meet expectations during the inaugural match and was disappointing.

However, as the tournament progressed, JioCinema started making improvements. Innovative features like the choice of camera angles caught my attention and made the viewing experience more interesting. This trend continued during the IPL as well, with the introduction of the latest additions like the 360 cam, stump cam, which deserve appreciation.

Now, with Hotstar set to stream the upcoming Asia Cup and Cricket World Cup, we can anticipate a significant increase in the number of Hotstar users soon.

The reasons why I prefer Hotstar are:

  1. Hotstar releases most of the latest Malayalam movies on its platform.
  2. I often encounter buffering and connectivity issues when using JioCinema.
  3. I am yet to watch “Avatar: The Way of Water” :rofl:. (I’m disappointed to see the shift of “Game of Thrones” and “House of Dragon”).

However, there is one reason I would consider opening JioCinema app in the near future:

  1. To watch “Asur 2”. :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:
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I am yet to watch season 1. Is it that good?

Agree. We were watching a movie over the weekend & buffering was irritating. It was worse when an Ad came up and then the voice and dialogue was out of sync.

Yes, I enjoyed the first season well.
In fact, I have the same opinion as others that OTT series have helped identify the true potential of many actors. Arshad Warsi and the Asur series is a good example of this. :fire: :fire:

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I like the UI of hotstar more comparing to jiocinema. I dont use them both since most of the movies I watch usually are not available on both. I have a hotstar subscription that I dont use :neutral_face:

I like the experience that vlc and mx player provides on seeking through the movies, so offline movies it is :grin:


Found this too.

There’s some news about Netflix’s account sharing. They are planning to either prevent users from sharing or make it chargeable.


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For me telegram, 3rd party website, utorrent is best :slightly_smiling_face:

When that happens in India, their users for sure will reduce.

Everyone said same about USA and other countries but actually their subscribers improved. Also unlike USA, Indians are used to see ads even when they pay so their ad supported plan might be a bigger hit in India.

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So true.

For me it is the other way :joy:.
I watch too many movies these days

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Any day Hotstar is the best streaming platform over JioCinema...So my suggestion is Hotstar.