What is one transaction that you do the most?

Tell us what is the one transaction that you do the most and why.

Chai transaction during office breaks = inr 10 and twice a day so 60 times a month (on upi)

I’ll break the ice myself :stuck_out_tongue:
I invest a lot in Equity Crowdfunding


I go all out on Food :hugs::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::yum:

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Books: I’m taking A Book A Week challenge :relieved:

PS: Would love some accountability partners :stuck_out_tongue:


Sadly no restaurant txn on my CC statement in the last 7 months! Otherwise its food delivery, restaurants and packaged food!

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UPI payments to Zerodha


Welcome to the community @kingzeusvj that would be my second most revealing transaction after equity crowdfunding transactions.

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Chai and sutta and max 4-5 txn of 10-50₹ per break a day.
Food delivery from swiggy/resto.


Food and Transportation (fuel for vehicle) followed by Groceries.

Medicines, Home Rent are like monthly basis, but still done every single month…

For me, it used to be idli + filter coffee (INR 30 for idli + INR 10 for coffee = INR 40).

Post covid since I am at home, less such txns, so no one specific txn like that other than order 1 book at a time at Amazon which usually happens on the credit card.

1st rank goes to Food… :slight_smile: then Ecom

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