What is going to be the revenue model for Jupiter?

Is it planning on a fermium model for its retail banking services?
Is it planning to make the major chunk from lending?
If lending, is it planning to expand aggressively using non-deposit money?

Is there any other source of revenue Jupiter is planning for?

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Largely a bank has 3 buckets of revenues (and there’s no reinventing the wheel within those)

  • Transaction Revenue
  • NII (Lending based)
  • Fee Based (includes subscriptions etc.)

More on that by TS Anil here:

So the answer is more about timing, focussing on what stream when.

Side note: This is what the business team would say if they got to know!

A new bank like Jupiter can look at multiple sources of Revenue

  1. Differential between lending and deposit rates
  2. Fees for various services offered: Payments, Cards,
  3. Revenue from cross-selling: Insurance,

While this is no different from traditional banks, the important thing is Neo can use technology to create avenues within the above three

For example:

  • Automated and customised money management for customers for a fee
  • Customised investment advisory/Insurance advisory
  • Lifestyle management advisory

etc etc etc

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Completely agree! differentiation within those avenues is pivotal :rocket:

Lol, Alright Sneh. I think that answers to an extent. We will just have to wait and watch when Jupiter launches.

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