User has already applied a coupon

What should i do?. I get this message after i add the coupon code. In" i have a coupun code"

Hai @Ananth_Lal , welcome to the Jupiter Community.
This shouldn’t happen.

I suggest you Kindly mail your query with those images attached, to

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I applied but no reply. They asked me for srn shot and referal code… I have shared to them. Thnx for the reply🥰

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So don’t worry. You will certainly hear from the concerned team and I hope this gets resolved as soon as possible. :+1: :+1:

In case you didn’t received any updates even after 2-3 days, you can contact Shawn Pinto here, who is the community manager, and you can share the details via DM. He will definitely help you in this regard.

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Thnx for the fast reply🥰 much appreciated❤

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Have you joined from someone referral link? Maybe due to this problem occurred.


Have you opened your account or is it showing during the account opening process? If you are being shown this while opening your account, then you must have downloaded the app earlier using a referral link. In this case the referral code is automatically applied on your number, you do not need to apply any referral code again.

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Acnt is not opened. I just applied the code.

Once the code is applied , it will keep showing the same. In your case the refer code has been applied when you used someone’s referral link earlier. I would suggest you to continue with account opening.

Did you face this problem while onboarding or after account creation

Ididnt created the acnt. I just entered my numb… And appliee my coupn

@Ananth_Lal stay in constant touch with the support team. That will ensure timely resolution of your issue.