Unable to find Mission and Vision of the company

Hi Team!

As a part of working on the assignment/case study in Insurjo’22, I was trying to understand the application by going to every nook and corner. After having a discussion with fellow users and assignment buddies, I realize that you do a handful of things, but are not the leader/preferred player in them. So, I wanted to understand aakhir aap karna kya chahte hai. But I couldn’t find the Mission and Vision Statement on your website!

It’d be great if that gets updated. It’ll give a direction to the assignment for me and others.

BTW, like your public Trello board :slight_smile:



Hey @diniii :wave:t4:

Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Here’s our mission and vision-

Mission: Consistently empower young adults in societies with a choice to break through the templates set by traditional institutions through a relentless pursuit to deliver the best experience of financial services and products that seek to improve lives.

Vision: Empower people to achieve financial wellness.

Hope this helps you with your project!

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