The Audacity of being a big bank

ICICI bank’s server has been facing issues since this morning. Yet no official announcement or resolution till now. I personally feel the current legacy tech of banks become obsolete. This is 2022 yet you can’t even make a payment, check balance or contact your customer care portal…for almost more than half a day? Lack of talent, lack of competition, or lack of responsibility? IDK

Share your thoughts on the current tech used by these legacy banks.


I use ICICI as well. Traditional banks are trying to catch up to the new age of Banking. Can they reach the level of new tech? No idea.
They’ve got so much trust and funds built for years but still adopting to the old methods.

Maybe the traditional banks got used to it. The more you use a system, the more you’ll use it. There’s no urge to innovate.

Oh and, It’s happening to me too. The iMobile app isn’t allowing me to login :sob:


See how they are out of touch with their customers. They just don’t care.


They don’t care because virtually there is no competition. Every other bank has similar issues!! Situation is even worse with PSU banks. There are no challengers in market.


You need to experience HDFC to appreciate ICICI. It’s all about whataboutism in the incumbent banking space :grinning:

Exactly why neobanks like Jupiter is such a solace :+1:


Problem is that even neo banks have to partner with one of the existing banks. If there is a problem with Federal Bank infra what could Jupiter/FI do ? They’re dependent on Federal Bank’s infrastructure!!


Even HDFC and SBI,FDRL Bank had to face this because servers can’t handle over load.


Look at the irony of ICICI tweets and their server issues :joy:


Do not make me get started. Federal’s servers hit a strike almost every night like clockwork from 12Am to 4AM. Every freaking day. Or at least for a week the last time I checked.

Unsure if it’s still a thing.

I get maintenance. It’s a reasonable downtime- to go off say an hour or two in a month. But not four hours, on a daily basis.
This isn’t Jupiter’s fault, but I sure hope Federal fixed their goof ups.


Been a customer of AU bank for almost 2 years but never faced any issues like server fails or anything like that .
They maintain their servers periodically and give ultimatum well in advance.
I use it almost daily and not a single time it failed.
Also,the money transfers are free even for IMPS.
What I like most is that they assign you a relationship manager even though my account is not premium one.
It’s just an ordinary account with AMB of 5k .
So far I have the best experience with this bank.
If u like, get an account opened,only downside is that they have limited no of branches in the country.

ICICI is now a ‘too big to fail bank in India’. So yeah… they get some leeway for such issues n downtimes.
Nevertheless, their technology is best out of all big banks.

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No, it seems not resolved. I do night duty at the petrol station The bank account that most people use for UPI payment is federal bank account, most of the days their server is down or undergoing maintenance.