Terms of Service appearing to be blank when used Space Theme

Dear @Shawnpinto
I am not sure whether this is an actual bug or my browser issue (Google chrome: Windows 11).
The Terms of Service page is appearing to be blank when used ‘Space View’ Theme.
It is perfectly ok and visible when used the light or dark mode.
Kindly check


The animations are interesting even though they are overkill.
The TOS animates away all text.
The FAQ has animation that overlaps text. But the privacy page is better.
Seems like testing going on . But why live?

This is a colour palette issue.
@stuffy Space view is still a theme on test mode. The colour palette used for the platform is quite different than compared to the light theme and dark material theme :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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Thanks for confirming the issue.
I thought the space mode is launched and fully functional