Tap and pay for UPI?


To pay, the user has to tap their phone on the POS terminal and authenticate the payment from their phone, using the UPI PIN.

Pretty interesting. :thinking:


Didn’t see this coming. Was scanning a QR code to pay cumbersome in the first place? :smile:

Pine Labs and Paytm POS terminals work flawlessly for tap n pay, others are a hit and miss for me.

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Tap to pay is supposed to be much quicker!! You don’t have to open any app to scan QR code and then put amount/description/UPI PIN etc. In case of TTP attendant/cashier puts the amount you tap the credit/debit card and it’s done. In case of UPI it’s going to ask UPI PIN as well while confirming the payment.


Problem is, would we have to enter the UPI pin?

Ease of use is what makes tap-to-pay via the card work great. No PIN. No hassle.

How’s this going to fit UPI tap-to-pay? It’d be cool if we could have a workaround wherein the app can do PIN less transactions for any amount within ₹2500-ish….


I feel the tap and pay for mobile UPI is an extra step.
I mean, a user will have to open the app and authenticate the payment from their phone, using the UPI PIN.

A card payment for POS however requires no such thing. We need just to tap and enter the pin. There’s no need to open the app for this.

Fair point. But what if……. We open the app (say, just the homepage); tap the phone to the terminal, and voila- instant payment notification (some sort of full screen alert for 5 seconds with a chime)…

Tap-to-pay should only work if:

  1. the app home screen be open
  2. the receiver terminal have some sort of an authentication code that’s unique to the payee’s bank Upi app (I’m just spit balling here lol- I have no clue how this works)
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Totes agreed! The best part about this is, you don’t have to carry your card with you. I rarely bring out my wallet these days. It stays inside the bag most of the time.

The phone is always with me though. Always! :grimacing:

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Been cash free for the past two years here! Except for my vacation in Kashmir. They LOVE cash here. It’s a must have.

Several of the merchants do have UPI QR codes around, but most of them come up with lame excuses. No clue why.

But yep, I agree. Tap to pay UPI is quite cool indeed, and how we solve it will be quite interesting. Hopefully sooner the better!

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