Scan and Pay option on home screen

Reg. Android app UI,

Please place the “scan and pay” button in the middle of bottom row on home screen. This will help us to make upi payments at stores faster like paytm app…


I totally agree… Paying through Paytm is a breeze. Its a really good experience.

The Scan & Pay button is easily accessible on Paytm.

I find the PhonePe scan button placement the worst. When you have bags on one hand and you try to make the payment using the phone on the other hand, PhonePe makes you stretch your fingers all the way to the right corner (I use my phone on my left hand even though I am not a lefty), whereas Paytm is so much easier to access. That’s great… I think they put in a lot of thinking into UX.

But Jupiter is somewhere in the middle. It’s not as difficult to reach the scan button as the PhonePe one.

But then again… Paytm is a payments app whereas Jupiter is a Bank.

So making the scan button right in the center of the app may not be very useful from a bank user’s perspective. Yes nowadays we do use UPI payments a lot.

Maybe Jupiter has to find a middle ground.

Jupiter and phonepe has option to place ‘scan n pay’ icon on mobile’s home screen, kind of a widget. From there user can directly pay without even opening the app.

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IMobile app of ICICI bank has impressed me with their design.

On opening the app, user can directly choose to open qr scanner, without entering fingerprint or pin to open the main app.

Then, after scanning the QR, transaction can be done via fingerprint only !! No need to enter upi pin.

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Guys just long press the Jupiter icon to get scan to pay shortcut. And you can long press the scan to pay shortcut and drag it to home screen. 1 click scan to pay. This also works on phonepe.


That’s a good idea. I’ll check out iMobile…

I know that this exists (long press on Jupiter app icon)… But I forget it when I go shopping. Let’s see if I remember the next time. As for the home screen shortcut, I don’t want another app there.

But since you mentioned PhonePe, I checked that too. Thanks for that.

And It’s surprising to see that not all payment apps support this…

PhonePe and Google Pay has Scan & Pay long press option
Paytm doesn’t - I am shocked.

In the bank apps space HDFC, IDFC, DBS apps don’t support this. Though PayZapp (HDFC link) supports…

In fact, I just checked and even Fi doesn’t have this option. Good job Team Jupiter!

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