Shortcut for UPI Payment page

  1. To add a shortcut button to access UPI payments in Jupiter account

  2. As a customer I experienced that mental barrier to open Jupiter and use UPI transfer than to use Google pay.

  3. If you can make that process smoother and easier than Google pay we can change consumers habit of using UPI transactions.

  4. A simple shortcut icon which will directly open Jupiter would be required.

Now all of my transactions are done with Jupiter by consciously telling myself to open this app.

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Jupiter Banking Or Jupiter Edge?

I guess this is for the Jupiter app.
@hgvind Do you mean shortcuts as a widget? Or a shortcut as a button when you open the app?

Currently, there’s a floating green button at the bottom of the home page.

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Shortcut as a widget is a good idea.

Yes, I have noticed that floating green button. But the problem is when we are shopping offline and it’s a little difficult task if we can access it with less steps, it can make a huge difference.

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@hgvind We’re building app widgets :slight_smile:

If you’re talking about a quick scan and pay method, you could try app shortcuts.
You need to long press on the Jupiter app icon and you get quick options. Eg- Scan and pay.
It will open the app, ask you to login, opens the scanner automatically.

Check this out - Who doesn’t love shortcuts?

So there’s 3 steps here.


Yes, that’s right, actually I forgot about that, let me try that.
Thanks for the fast updates !! All the best Sir !!

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