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Stock Market News and Updates: A Discussion on Market Trends, Strategies, and Investments :bitcoin:

Hello everyone! :blob:

I am excited to start a new thread in the community dedicated to the latest stock market news and updates.

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In this thread, we can discuss a wide range of topics related to the stock market, including but not limited to:

  • Recent market trends and movements
  • Updates on publicly traded companies
  • Announcements of mergers and acquisitions
  • New IPOs and stock offerings
  • Investing strategies and tips
  • Economic indicators and their impact on the stock market

I encourage everyone to share any interesting updates or resources related to the stock market that you come across. Let’s keep this thread a lively and engaging space for discussion and learning.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and insights on the latest stock market news!


Good initiative Saurabh!!

How many of us applied for the IPO for Mankind Pharma?


There is an app Investmint , I got to know about it from Cred App. It claims itself for making trading effortless with actionable signals from data-driven trading models which are curated trading strategies that are back-tested extensively.


Seems to be Similar concept as Smallcase but more focused on trading.


Weekly updates :newspaper_roll:

In this week, BSE Sensex added 1457.38 points or 2.44 percent to close at 61,112.44 :arrow_up_small: while Nifty50 gained 440.95 points or 2.50 percent to finish at 18,065 :arrow_up_small:.


Let’s hope this bull run continues.


SBI Contra Fund seems to have outperformed the benchmark index. Phonepe recommends to buy this fund. How many agree?


Always try to avoid actively managed fund, nowadays people are just dumping these funds.


Guess, the bull continues. Sensex, Nifty and Bank Nifty - all are up between 0.52 to 0.54%

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Guess, Nykaa was perfect to make decent listing profit. With a 75% loss in share price, this one is hurting even more than Paytm shares.

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From chasing an IPO to filing a voluntary insolvency petition, Go First has seen an interesting turn of events.

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I came across this post on Twitter a few days ago and wanted to share it here (since it is related to stock brokerage and all). I believe that the business model of Zerodha is worthy of appreciation.

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Nithin is one of the most humble guys across the industry.
He just challenged all the traditional brokers who had huge sums of money yet not providing proper infra for the trading community.
He just changed everything totally and paved a way for all other discount brokers.

  • Upstox
    Advertising and promotions expenses of Rs 400.66 cr
    Loss of Rs 444 cr in FY 22

  • Zerodha
    Other expense (including Mkt. and advt exp) of Rs 60 cr
    Profit of Rs. 2094 cr in FY22

Could anyone imagine after spending a lot of expenses on marketing but results into LOSS

Appreciation to Zerodha, and actually this Startup is a Unicorn

Discount broking buisness is never easy. It’s base is referrals. The word of mouth makes a difference. That is exactly what upstox missed.

I wouldn’t say one does not face outages on Zerodha. But the instances are low. And that’s where the difference lies. Upstox’s reputation is mared because of the outages.

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Zerodha had it’s fair part of outages. I remember back in 2019 trading with them with active positions and it stopped working that too on an expiry day.
Their edge is technology which is very much user friendly and appealing to the users.
While upstox chose to grow in an inorganical way, zerodha being a bootstrapped company always focused on improving themselves and put customer experience before anything else.
Now Dhan is seriously catching upto them.
While the traditional bank based brokers like Kotak securities started zero brokerage plans, they need to ramp up their infra compared to zerodha and dhan to catch upto them.
These days trading is all about the user experience on the platform they provide.
I wish Jupiter can do to the banking industry what zerodha did to broking industry.

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Couldn’t agree more.

Vineel, a few years back, outages on expiry were not uncommon, correct. I have seen my father yell in lungs off in frustration.

I can imagine what your father felt.
Even in last dec, Kotak securities stopped working and my trades were open.
Luckily, I had a backup broker and took the opposite positions to off-set the risk.

That’s why you are a professional trader and he is a novice.