Set alert on Gold price fluctuations

I use to invest money in gold purchase on Jupiter app and it’s very useful. In that there is a option call “set alert”, where we can set a alert for price fluctuations. There we can set only one price at a time. What my suggestion is, if we can set two alerts like one for low price and one for high price, it would be useful to sell the gold and buy the gold at a right time.

Thank you.


Welcome to the community @Vasanth4276 :v:t2:
That’s a nice and useful feature. Hope the team concerned look into it :+1:t2:

There is alert system for a target price. Either it could be to sell or buy but not both.
There is a bell icon in the gold page.


Yes you are right. There is an icon to set alert. My suggestion is,
For an example, now the price of the gold per gram is 6200. If I set the alert to 6500 I will be waiting for to get notified, in mean time price may go to below 6000 and it would be the right time to purchase the gold but I set alert for 6500 so I will not get notified when it reaches to below 6000. My suggestion is, if there is two options like one alert for low price and one more alert for high price, it would be useful to monitor price fluctuations and purchase gold and as well as sell the gold at right time.


That would be a cool feature. :+1:

I can see it working for me.

This is a good suggestion :hyper_wave:
I’ve passed this idea on to the Gold team for consideration.

We’ll need to check its scope first.

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Hi, I was invested for around 8 months in Gold. but, I noticed that the prices do not change according to market. It remains very low. It is very disapointing. I see that market price is up. but my investments is not up according to it. Please look into it.