Regarding pro status

Has anyone noticed any issues with the Jupiter Pro NRV calculations?

Is it related to this bug?

Unfortunately I am yet to convert to PRO status

The NRV values displayed on the ‘How to remain Pro’ page and NRV calculation page seem to be incorrect. The amounts shown on both pages do not match each other. Please look into this issue and fix the bug to display accurate consistent NRV values on both pages. Having correct NRV values across the platform is important. Your prompt resolution of this discrepancy is appreciated.

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Usually, such issues may be temporary and NRV calculation takes some time to update correctly.
If possible attach screenshots or image captures…It would be easy for the team to locate the bug
Tagging @Ritik_Roy

Thanks for sharing those :v:t2:
Hope someone concerned provides some clarity and it gets resolved soon :+1:t2:
@Abhishek_Ulayil any thoughts?

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The FD amount is not counted in NRV as of this moment, which should have been included.
Probably a bug.

Today in the 2nd image, it shows that my NRV is 32100rs whereas I have not made an FD worth 30k and As per my calculation of NRV based on the given formula it should’ve been around 12-15k.

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Hey @Siddharth_B_R the team would like to get this checked for you. I’d need a few details to take this forward. I’ll connect with you on DMs :slight_smile:


I cant see the NRV, as is in your second image.

Hi @Siddharth_B_R, Let me get this checked and revert back to you as soon as possible! Is it possible to share your phone number with me? I will check on the issue


Hi, I have already shared my details with @Shawnpinto .

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Thankyou. My issue has been resolved.


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