NRV calculation issues

I’ve having NRV miscalculation issues since a couple months now.
Jupiter miscalculates NRV and automatically downgrades you to basic variant from PRO even though there’s an existing FD of over 10k. Raised this concern with Jupiter support last month with complaint #3278225 and they conveniently waited till next month where it increased cause I added more funds and closed the ticket saying it’s resolved

As of writing this, I still have the FD almost worth 11K now and balance of about 5k but still shows NRV as 6k

My question is how did it come below 10k because the FD wasn’t touched all the while

I faced the similar issue and for me also after probably 25 days when I received funds, they mailed saying they tried contacting me and there was no answer from my side and stating “my NRV is correct” they closed the ticket.

These are the support issues that make me rethink about all neobanking culture,

@Ritik_Roy kindly look into it.

Hi @Sid2k22 Reaching out to you on your DM’s
We’d need a few details to look into this :blob_thanks:

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