Quest for Metal 💳

@Shawnpinto I have a doubt here. As per T&C only 10 members will receive metal card. What about other users? Is there any other way we can hold it? like paying for card /Pro account holders


Is it available only for new users? I can’t find it anywhere on the app.
I am also on the latest version of Jupiter.


As per what I can see, collecting a gold moon will “unlock” the metal debit card. So does this mean we’ll have the option to pay 5k for it and receive it directly?

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How did you get metal card of junio ?

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Bruh :joy: its not mine! Its under coming soon stage! That image was taken by Abhishek

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@here Hey everyone! We’ll answer your queries related to Quest for metal here.

  1. Eligibility related
    Since this is the first version of Quest for metal, we selected a limited set of audience for participation. These are active users. Not everyone has access to QFM.

  2. Duration of QFM
    For QFM, it’s the same duration for everyone. Since we launched this officially on Oct 17th, 2022. There are 28 days left. (From this message)

  3. Total moon collection
    You can collect at most 3 moons of each colour in a day. It will be 12 moons in a day and a total of 360 moons in a span of 30 days.*

  4. Mid-game Rewards
    You can earn 4 mid-game rewards based on milestones.

  • 1st mid-game reward is associated with the 1st collection of all 5 moons of each colour.
  • Other 3 mid-game rewards are associated with the 1st 3 gold moon collections.
  1. End-game Rewards
    There are 2 rewards for the winners.
  • Metal Debit Card worth INR 5k: The Top 10 Gold moon collectors will win this.
  • Accor Membership worth INR 14k: Top 10 collectors of other coloured moons (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue) will win this.

Accor Membership Details: Accor Plus Explorer Membership

QFM at a glance
For those who haven’t got access to the game yet, here’s how it looks.

QFM Home page

QFM rules

QFM moon info


Hey @pegasus1134, apologies for the miscommunication.

Here is how it works:
You can unlock a gold moon with Debit Card spends and can earn an infinite number of gold moons throughout the game. The top 10 gold moon collectors win a INR 5000 worth of Jupiter Metal Debit Card for free!!


I’m actually on it ….:running_man:t2::dash:

I have collected all the colour moons except the golden one. @Shawnpinto there should be some sort of lucky draw instead of maximum spending (golden moon).

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@razack you are right.

But @Shawnpinto if the metal is for maximum golden moon then you must be provide LeaderBoard.

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@razack See this for example. You will have to spend a minimum of 10k via debit card for your first moon. This is cumulative. So your 2nd moon would need another 10k, and so on.

From the 4th golden moon onwards, It will need 15k per moon.

@Satyajit_Singh Leaderboard is a great suggestion. We will be having this in version 2 :party_parrot:


@AltafParkar click on the jewels option, u will see the quest there


Dear @Shawnpinto , I have already understood the rules.

What I mean is that, for members with a low or middle range of monthly income, one can collect a maximum of 4-5 golden moons in a month. But, at the same time, a person with a good monthly salary, he or she can simply purchase an iPhone 14 pro max (just for example) with Jupiter Debit Card, just imagine how much golden moon can he or she collect with that single transaction.

Also, today I paid at a merchant store a bill of around 2300Rs via Jupiter UPI but didn’t get any yellow moon for that transaction. Please look into it also

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@Shawnpinto Credit card payment through Jupiter debit card is not eligible?


NO bro its not… i already gave it a try


Any update on having a leaderboard?


This will be in version 2.
@hemanthchandra62 currently, version 1 is running and it will end on November 16th, 2022.

Version 2 is in the planning phase right now, it will take a few months for the next version. This also depends on whether we’re resuming the same challenge or releasing a different one.


Same here , I didn’t receive any notifications or messages regarding this😟

At the end of event will you announce the winners and the number of moons they collected .?

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We will.
Their names and no. of moons are doable. If they’re on the community, we’ll tag them too :slight_smile: