Possible spelling error in account opening congratulatory message

Is everything correct here? Was it intentionally meant to be spelled ‘hoomans’ or was it meant to be spelled ‘humans’ ?

Here are some replies which I got from quora for someone’s question related to this topic .

“Who does that? I’ve never heard “hooman.” Maybe it’s making fun of someone who mispronounces human.”

“It’s called doggolingo and is using cute misspelling to talk about humans from the point of view of a beloved pet cat or dog.” - if this is correct then it means that Jupiter consider the users as per cat or dog.

“I’ve never heard anyone pronounce it ‘hooman’.”

"This is an example of “lolspeak”. It’s a variety of intentionally incorrect internet speak that was often used on “lolcat memes”, basically pictures of cats with this speech over them. The vast majority of these are from the site “icanhascheezeburger.com,” which is itself an example of lolspeak. So, if you would like to write like a lolcat, then it would be prudent to use the lolspeak “hooman”. If you would like to write in any other, non-lolspeak way, it may be a better idea to use “human” instead. "

Hai @Poonam
Everything’s good over there… The Jupiter Team typically refers to their customers and community members as 'hoomans.’ You can search this community using the same term and find multiple posts. :space_dab:

Attaching a previous post/image for reference :v:t2: