Payee history, now on Jupiter! (Coming soon)

Hi everyone!

We’ve been working on a feature behind the scenes and we got an update for the Community.

So, what’s coming?

Introducing Payee history! :iphone:
You can now view a history of transactions to a payee in the Pay to Mobile flow.

It’s currently launched to internal teams for testing purposes and is soon to be rolled out to users.

Sneak peeks incoming! :eyes:

Note: Some visuals and flow and subject to change after testing.

What is available right now on the History page? :thinking_face:

  1. History of Transactions to a specific payee via Recent Payees as well as previously paid contacts
  2. Last Paid Amount and Date in Recent Payees, if there are any payees in the Recents section

If this reminds you of Gpay, then yes, you’re spot on!
Many members and close connections liked how Gpay had a 1 page display for all the history of transactions for a payee. It was simple and easy to interact with.

We wanted to bring that experience to you, with Jupiter :jupiter:

Thoughts? :blob_think:

If you’ve used this on Gpay, drop your experience in the thread below and let us know what you think about the history page.

Would you like to see something else? Something Gpay missed but wanted us to add?
We’re all ears! :ear:t3:

Stay tuned for more early updates.
Happy Weekends!


If that transaction gives any jewels, it should be mentioned there itself.



I need help …can someone chat with me.


Thank You!

I have been requesting this feature for a long time now. I don’t use GPay now, but on Fi they have disabled pay now option for merchants. Please don’t do that. I have to scan everytime to pay when I can just use the pay now option.

P.S.: using this community app on iPhone is so buggy, how do people post on community without getting frustrated.


Just an idea!

How about an ability to pin merchants and friends for quick payment? To start with Jupiter can add the most frequent ones and then later on add the ability to pin. :thinking:


Top feature. It will be soo soo easy to track anymore.


Great idea, Pratyush, we’ll put this into our plans.

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What about the total amount (total amount paid to date) somewhere on the screen for merchant payments? :cool_doge: Budgeting gets simpler :laughing:
For Friends, there should be two separate lines, Amount received and Amount paid till date so that any settlements can be done within seconds without starting calculation right from the beginning


Great suggestion! @Pratyushh Something like a favorite button could also work.
The team’s going to scope for this.

Yes, the idea behind is to quickly get to the favourites instead of too much searching/scrolling.


I use this feature in Gpay all the time! It’s useful to keep track to payments with someone who your deal with regularly.
I also use the chat to keep track of how much my friends owe me, it’s a very transparent and convenient way to do it.
From the screenshots, i don’t think there’s a chat option yet, I understand there’s complexities, but it really is useful


Loved this. Thank you so much.

Noticed for a Payee, all transactions didn’t show up in their history.

Is that a known issue?

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@souravghosh Is it possible for you to share a screenshot? Or a snap of your screen taken from another phone. Please share it with me on DMs.

The team would like to see this :blob_thanks:

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Waiting for this updation