Partial withdrawal from a POT

I do not see a way of withdrawing partially from any POT.
Here’s my use-case:
I have a credit card and whenever I use credit card for any transaction, equivalent money I shall keep it in a POT. When the payment due date arrives, I just withdraw money from POT and use it to pay. The duration between dur date and billing date is about 15 days. So, I don’t want to withdraw everything from the POT, but just the due and leave the rest of the money as is.


This is an interesting way to use Pots :thinking:
Currently, it’s like we use pots for depositing till you reach your goals. But if you were unable to do so, only then you can withdraw it with the full amount.

Think of it as a piggy bank. You only want to break it if it’s close to being full and you saved enough. We should have some kind of a restriction behavior to stop us from withdrawing!

Understood. Then I believe I shouldn’t create a pot for my case.

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I’m able to withdraw partial amount from any pot I’ve created, is this not supposed to be happening? :thinking:

You can withdraw it partially! There’s an option to enter the amount while withdrawing.
I thought you wanted to break the pot and withdraw it fully, oopsie.
@shkilluminate Thanks for pointing it out.

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