One debit card feature you can't live without? 💳

That sounds so cool I hope people pronounce it right! :crossed_fingers: :v: :joy:

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If I get this right? are you suggesting Jupiter Halo to be the premium offering much rather like revolut metal?

just like @shubhankar_sen sent a picture here

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Temporary Blocking #senseofsecurity
There is very good feature in debit cards which is provided by South Indian Bank. User can simply lock his online and debit card transaction simply by his/her mobile app and activate it only when they want to make a transaction. So in case, you are not able to find your card and unsure if it lying somehwhere in the room, or left in office or stolen :cold_sweat:, you can simply lock it temporarily without panicking and calling CC for blocking the card (Note- once card is blocked- it cannot be reversed, new card has to be issued).
You can have a good night sleep assured of all safety from any kind of fraud- phishing or online fraud.


I think SBI, also has the same feature. But the real pain is re-ssuing a card, waiting for it to be posted to you and then pay for it even!
Would you value single tap activate deactivate option for your card?

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Oh! ya, just a single tap for activation-deactivation- super easy. I have been using this feature for several years, and because of this secure feature, I feel comfortable parking major chunk of my funds in that bank.

So I was in Delhi, 2018, when I came across a mass ATM skimming incident, there were unwarranted debits in the accounts of 50-80 customers, including bank employees. The nearby branches- PNB, ICICI, SIB etc blocked cards of most-all their customers. Such skimming incident happens frequently in India, and people lose all their hard earned money in one go for nothing.

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CASHBACK. This is the one thing that make a cute smile on customer face. whatever the amount they got but it is a sweet of joy. A Cashback in every transaction. dont copy google pay/phone pe idea. Max of audiance now know it comes sometime.

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IMO, premium card variant look brings pride in public- so it must be easily recognizable - too much customization might make it difficult. How about if a user can get customized premium look sleeve pouch (anti-theft- aluminium build) instead of customizing the card.

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If they don’t have to take the card out of the pouch to use it that’d be brilliant. Like a phone cover!

  1. Recurring payments - Definitely. I want to automate payments of all my bills
  2. Temporary Block - I keep losing my wallet at home and panic and get my card blocked and want to re-start it again once i retrieve it.
  3. Lounge Access
  4. Rewards and Cashbacks - Need something like Cred for debit card. If I’m rewarded for paying my credit card bill on time, why not reward me for spending my own money?
  5. Contactless/NFC
  6. VR card so that I can use my phone as NFC card itself
  7. I have been using my UPI account to get cash from friendly local kirana stores. Can we onboard enough kirana stores so that I can use the card to withdraw cash from there? Make ATM visits obsolete. I hate using cash though. 80% of my transactions are UPI now. Use debit cards rarely as well.
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More than one feature but bear with me :slight_smile:

  • No annual usage fee and new card issuance fees
  • Unlimited atm withdrawals (or more than the ones given by other banks)
  • better cashback
  • Low forex fees

Plus all the other features people have mentioned

  • Usage limits, temporarily enable/disable features (like atm withdrawals, online purchases, international purchases, etc…)
  • Unlimited lounge (or maybe a few)

Would absolutely love a feature that makes it easier and more secure to transact with my card online. Honestly, CVVs make me nervous and we have enough OTPs to deal with in life.

But if I could select my Jupiter virtual card online and authorise the transaction through a fingerprint or Face ID on my phone - now we’re talking. Super easy, secure because you have to 1) have your phone with you and 2) need to be be logged into the Jupiter app on it

PS: I love super geeky features but this one would legit make my life easier. #DoneWithOTPs :stuck_out_tongue:


I rarely use my Debit Card nowadays. UPI is my preferred choice for payments

Combine a debit card with forex card.

  1. No mark up on exchange (Something like Niyo)
  2. Option to top-up the card using Net banking, UPI
  3. Option to activate/deactivate card and online transactions with single tap through a mobile app
  4. ATM locator on the App

Micro Loans and Paying rent through card which will help people reach their reward milestones early and also help them earn more reward points.


Hey Maitresh, I think you will appreaciate this idea here

Smash like, and we will prioritize it if 20 members do the same. Spread the word, and glad to have you here :slight_smile:


International payments without much hassle.

Currently there’s too much confusion around how to make payments for international merchants.


I hardly ever use a debit card for transactions at PoS, see this going down even further with the current scenario.
At the places I do, eg: petrol pumps, some retail shops where PayTM wallet is the only option, Tap nd Pay for <2k is something I wouldn’t want to miss in a physical card

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Credit and debit in a single card please :slight_smile:


Unlimited ATM withdrawals from any bank ATM

  1. Reward points till last rupee. Say, you reward 1 point per Rs.100 spent. If I spend, Rs.180, current banks award me 1 reward point. In this case, I should be rewarded 1.8

  2. More flexibility to control where I can use my card - ATM, Online, International etc. and easy to manage limits for all these type of transactions