Notifications and actions when transactions fail

User Pain Point:

As a user, I need to be notified
in case a transaction fails
and status of action taken by Jupiter
which I can modify based on use cases like scheduled transfers



Notifications help keep communication clean and updated between the stakeholders. Users get validation in some shape or form regarding the status of the transaction.


In case of transactions not going through due to technical issues or business rules, Jupiter should have a provision to cache them for posting them later. This will help troubleshoot, without even bothering the end-user. Currently, transaction-related actions are user-generated; as an extension of that discretion, for starters, let’s proceed to assume that we have the consent to queue them for processing at a later instance. If the user wants to modify the transaction, a provision can to modify/cancel the transaction.


*This could be developed as a generic failure management module and one of the first use cases to address through this could be managing transfer

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