Not getting any payment pop up on homepage when trying to pay from UPI from different apps

As the title suggests, i’ve been trying to buy my grocerries from instamart or blinkit but it never shows on the Jupiter homescreen so i’m unable to pay

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I don’t use instamart or blinkit.
I tried the same from Flipkart to check the issue.
Yes, I can confirm the same.
I am not getting any payment pop up in homepage or under payments tab. Hence, I am unable to pay the amount via UPI id (Transaction failed due to time-out).
Has to be some sort of temporary technical issue, if I am not wrong there were pop ups earlier.

@AARIM Did the pop-up appear after waiting for a minute or two though?


There was an issue from our partner bank side and that is fixed now. You should be able to receive the PN or see the payment card on home page/ payment page and pay seamlessly!


Thanks…It’s working fine now… :v:t2: