NFC enabled contactless payments

Most phones have an NFC chip. Almost all PoS machines now support tap and pay. Yet somehow, with the exception of amex and samsung pay (on select phones), there’s no option to add all your cards in an app, and tap your phone to make contactless payments. Carrying around a card today would be pointless, if tap and pay was enabled by the card network and the phone app.

I used to have an amex card, only for tap and pay using phone.

In place of that we carry a phone and wallet. Phone for QR payments, card for tap and pay (or dip and pay) payments.


You are right. Issue is on bank side. Most bank card systems haven’t done tokenisation of cards. Only Axis and couple of banks have done the same.


Apparently on the other side for merchants, pinelabs has come up with an app that will replace the POS machine and convert the merchant’s phone to an ePOS.

Pine Labs AllTap converts the mobile into a card machine and let the merchant accept NFC enabled credit/debit cards and UPI.

Pinelabs AllTap ePOS


There should be option to use our phone as jupiter card through NFC as samsung pay and some apps allow.
It is benefitting in the way that our cards will be more secured and don’t have to show it in public(many don’t like that) and using just our phone also will be entering our pin in our very own smartphone, being contactless to surfaces in view of nowadays pandemic too can be a great thing.
This similar feature can help a lot.

Tokensiation project is underway… we should start testing in June sometime.