News about Neo Banks 🗞️

To me, frankly it’s crap.
Nothing useful or revolutionary. I wrote a review on Play Store about them and they started calling me to revise their ratings.
I asked few questions related to their product vision and whatever they said seems like a good start for any fintech especially for a company like slaypay which deals mainly with prepaid cards.
However I haven’t seen any improvement in their app so far.

For now, I would say it’s a no go, will update later when it’s better

Would the partner be sbm bank? :thinking:. They have added credit card buttons in niyo global app :upside_down_face:

Seems likely given that mejority of Fintechs have SBM Bank as their partner.

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@Mukesh_kumar_Bharti Whoa, this looks interesting!
We too will have something similar! It should be in the lending space.

It looks like Niyo is making a first list for the initial rollout. :eyebrow:

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Ladies and Gentleman!..

Presenting Naya India ka Goal-based Savings account in-partnerships with Equitas Small Finance bank ZenPro by RupeeZen

Link :

I am not confirmed whether existing customers are allowed or not.


Pains me to say this, but can we ever be the first to launch…. Anything?

Doesn’t have to be ground breaking or earth shattering, but it’d be cool to not feel like I’m missing out on a very important bank-y feature, while we play catch up several months if not a year or two behind the competition.

I dont mean this to be harsh. Please convey my love to the product team. The beer’s on me. :smile:

Link to apply for Lazypay RBL Credit Card

Link to show interest for LazyPay RBL Card

Vested Money coming up with US bank account for Indians.

Sign up with my referral link to move up the queue:

Utoppia, free borderless account in USA :us: for non-US residents!

Just need valid passport as kyc document.

Account is secured by FDIC upto 250k USD.

Download the app here:

Referral code: UTOPPIA-CQ51

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Do they provide any physical debit card?

How was the onboarding process?
If I use that debit card in india will I bear charge any charge?

I won’t go USA, can I use it only in India?
How about forex charge?

Overall benefit?

It is not a zero balance amount. And there is account maintainance fees which is shown after sign up.

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I don’t see any charges. Where did you see that? Can you share screenshot?

Easy quick onboarding with just passport. They provide virtual debit card. But that card can be added to apple pay to use offline. No US visit is required. But getting a US card work online in India is difficult (except amex) as because of the RBI 3d secure rule. Most US banks don’t support this.

If you need to work with USD remotely, simply use a Zero Forex Charges account for card spends.

For receiving money, setup a Wise account and configure your email for easy transfers. The sender pays the transfer fees.

If it’s a traditional minded business or a very large transfer, use the SWIFT network for not so Swift transfers. Add 8% to cover for fees.

Setup a Stripe payment gateway for B2C Clients who don’t want to use Wise/PayPal. Add 9% to cover for fees.


At the very bottom of this Page, you will find the account inactivity or minimum balance clause

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