🔥 Jupiter UPI Rewards are LIVE!

Jupiter UPI Rewards are LIVE on app
Update app to latest beta for offer.

Screenshots :


• Maximum cashback upto ₹500 per month per user
• Offer valid on purchases above ₹100
• Offer valid for payments made to verified merchants (P2M) via Jupiter UPI and Jupiter savings account only
• Offer not applicable for transactions on digital wallet based platforms like Phonepe, Paytm, Freecharge, Mobikwik etc
• Offer not applicable for recharges or top ups
• Offer valid till 30 Nov, 11:59 PM

Valid upto 30 Nov ‘21

it has been removed i guess .
it was showing that rewards on upi till 30 nov . 30 mins back but now that entire banner is gone . And earlier is was mentioned that upi rewards will only be available for verified members but verification had not started when it was live .

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Hey @ash.lucifer & @GROWNUPS,

That this was a temporary internal issue. Thanks for pointing this out. Offer will be applicable for verified users only when they complete VKYC, which we’re rolling out in a phased manner.

More updates on the VKYC will be posted on the following thread:


You’re right, The Banner was removed abruptly…

So, Guess we have to wait for confirmation from Team…

@sahil-sorathiya Thanks for confirming,

We’re gonna hold on to Jupiter promise of full rewards as soon as possible…


Our promise of full 3 months will stand (infact we are extending it till end of Nov, so users would get rewards for 3+ months depending on when they do FKYC in Aug).

We will adhere to all the promises made from our side to the community and users.


That’s really great to hear,

I really respect the hardwork of this team and their dedication to serve every customer… :innocent:

Today I got the option to complete Video KYC. Thank you @JupiterTeam

I have completed my v-kyc :rocket::rocket::rocket::iphone::iphone:

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In how much time it approved ? in 1 hr


30-40 minutes in my case

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@sahil-sorathiya How is VKYC rolled out?
Any order?

You will receive update in Google Play Store with version 1.4.22 or higher of Jupiter app


Yes , via 1.4.22 app version

It’s rolled out in a phased manner. As @raul pointed out, you will receive the update soon in Google Play Store.