Jupiter Branded Account Statement

Currently, the account statement is Federal Bank Branded. ‘Fi’ sens a neat Fi Branded Account statement to make it feel like part of the ecosystem.


Hello @Sunny_Kothari, welcome to our community. As I am not a Fi user anymore, I am not familiar with their account statement design. However, I agree that your suggestion is excellent :handshake:.
The current federal themed account statement completely overshadows the presence of Jupiter. To improve brand visibility, Jupiter could consider changing the statement theme to “spacefire” or inserting the Jupiter logo in the statement alongside the Federal Bank logo. :+1: :+1:
It would be great if you could share the account statement from Fi here, with personal details hidden of course! :rofl:

Edit: @specter Thank you for the information, brother. I haven’t seen the old statements issued by Jupiter as I am only familiar with the newly revamped ones and am unaware of reason behind this Federal themed statements and that’s why I made these suggestions. Thanks once again.


Previously it was Jupiter branded statement only.
Recently, they updated as people are facing issues when they go for applying loans and other use cases as no one recognises Jupiter as a bank.
So they made their statement to be in sync with Federal bank format.


Attached is the statement my wife gets from Fi Bank. Looks pretty neat and has federal banking so dont think it should be a problem for other banking facilities.


The statement available prior to the update pretty much resembled this format. However, the details included in the new format which is sync with Federal Bank format makes it look way more wholistic and complete.