Jupiter app icon bug

After updating the Jupiter app the icon is messed up. I have reinstalled the app but the problem remains



Hey @Anand_Singh

Is this on Android or iOS?
Also let us know your current app version.
Pinging you for additional details.

App version 1.5.30
Os : Android
Phone Redmi 4a

Got it. @Anand_Singh Is it app icon appearing now?
Also lemme know at what time did you update the app. An approximate would help.
We’ll look into this.


Icon not appearing i have reinstalled the app but icon still missing. Okay now I have tested the app on my other mi phone which is Redmi 9 running on miui 12 and in that phone icon is visible. I think the missing icon problem exists on my phone only (running at miui 10.2.3)

@Anand_Singh Got it. Lemme connect with you on DM. There’s something we’d like you to test.

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@Anand_Singh We got this fixed. You helped us out with testing the icon on a different build!
This fix can be seen in the next app release. Thanks once again!

The rewards are on the way~ :gift: