Jupiter accessory messed up my mobile!

I love Jupiter hence this feedback. Please give better merchandise. My spigen case is destroyed because of this merch. It’s an expensive case. :frowning:

Jupiter is a great brand , please select better vendors next time.


Nail polish remover can remove residues and gum

@vinayakjjw Curious, did the card sleeve peel off on its own or did you try to remove it? :thinking:
It has a powerful glue, meant to stay on objects and not be removed.

The card sleeve was in a super poor shape and had torn up. The lining was almost on the verge of disintegrating. Everyday wear and tear caught up with it.


Got it, we’ll let our folks know about this.
You’ve got this sleeve from the Edge Visa card, right?

Yeah. :frowning:

I guess Jupiter really helped you out here. Either way the case seems to be too old from the looks.
Is that a card holder from Jupiter, just curious to know.

It is included within the Federal Visa Edge Credit Card package.


I love the case :slight_smile: It’s old, but has been with me from Day 1 and I don’t intend to change it either.

The cardholder is meant to be stuck on the mobile, it should not leave any residue in the first place.

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