Is there any limit on Jewels earned per transaction or per day or per month?

In the rewards section, it is written that you get 10% jewels on all debit card transactions till 31st October 2021.

In terms and conditions on the same section, it is written that

Maximum cashback upto Rs. 500 per month per user

As 1 jewel = 1 INR, does this mean that maximum jewels on a single transaction is capped at 500? If I do a transaction of INR 1 lakh, instead of 10,000 jewels, I would only receive 500 jewels?

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Yeah you will receive only 500 jewel .

A user here had said in some other post that he received a total of 700 jewels already in his account.

Yeah . Now that has been shorted by the tech team .

So after 10% Cashback of 500Jewels,
I wont receive further Jewels on Debit Card?
Like 1% on spends?
Just enquiring.

According to my knowledge I think we can get but after we complete full kyc .

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Yes. There is monthly limit

Follow-up @Jiten @sneh.baxi :
If I have availed 10% upto 500 Jewels,
Can I avail more jewels for further transaction on my Debut Card at 1% rate?

Or is 500 cap for now?

I want to do a 1.5 lakh purchase on Amazon. I thought I would do it via Jupiter Debit Card so I can get a good amount of jewels. I’ve almost got 500 jewels in my Jupiter account. So if 500 is the limit, there is no incentive for me to make the purchase using Jupiter Debit Card. I can do the same using Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card which gives 5%. So please look into this.